Beauty Review: Brow Perfection

So thanks to the likes of the lovely Cara Delevinge, big brows are back in style and have been rocking the fashion scene for the last few years. I’ve had some major brow envy recently so was really grateful when my friends at Born Pretty had some great products for taming and sculpting brows.

My brow history has been big bushy and mono looking in the past so I’ve been threading and waxing them thinner for years. So like many of us bushy-brow girls I was nervous about the line between Cara and (Freda) Carlo.


Firstly brush all the hairs in one direction and make them smooth and in the shape that you like. Then use the tweezer to pluck any stray hair out of the way to create clean lines.

Next take Born Pretty’s Eyebrow Stencil – it comes with three different patterns to choice from, whether you want rounded or high arched brows. I used a touch of eye lash glue to keep it in place and held it between my second and third fingers.

Then using Born Pretty’s Eyebrow Pencil to fill in the stencil with gentle strokes, you can build up to be darker but you can’t make it lighter if you go too far.

Lastly using concealer and a flat angled make up brow go around the edges of your brows to define any high arches or lines that you like. This will make your brows look clean and crisp.


This is just a really quick and simply way to create flawless brows using minimal tools, this is good for everyday or work and can be done in seconds. If any of my readers would like to try any of Born Pretty’s products they have very graciously given my 10% discount code for all my reader using KYMH10, so there’s a little early Christmas present from me to you guys!

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