Suns Out, Shades On

For 2016 summer, whether you are heading out for brunch in the park, rocking the festival chic or sunning it out on the beach the tortoise shell sunglasses are a staple summer classic that cannot be forget.

No summer outfit would be complete without a pair of killer shades to add wow factor and nothing looks better than this! Gorgeous and timeless, tortoise shell glasses go with just about everything and add sophistication and style to any look.

celeb sunnnies

Rocked by so many celebs this year from Emily Ratajkowski to Alexa Chung tortoise shells are an iconic pair of sunnies that every girl should have. My personally faves for this year come and a steal from Glasses Shop while the big budget shades are always a girls dream, sunglasses are always the item that get lost on holiday and is miserable when you go without.



Glasses Shop has great range of high street price and cheap glasses that have the added bonus of coming with your prescription for those – like me who are as blind as a bat. It can be a huge struggling get prescription sunglasses that look stylish so I’m super psyched that I found this site would have help.

Affordable and adorable I would definitely check out Glasses Shop before splashing out on any high end shades, as they have a lot of similar styles inspired by the big labels and are seriously gorgeous!

And as a added bonus they are currently offering a massive 50% sunglasses and glasses frames with code: GSHOT50. So I think a few pairs might be in order then…hmm… 

lots of love


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