St. Tropez Tanning Shower Gel

Attention all tanners. Put down the mits and step away from the sprays the GHDs of fake tanning is here. For years we have all used the sprays, wipes, creams, instant, gradual fakes tans to achieve the perfect golden glow, (even if we are stuck in cloudy Blighty for the summer) and now the best of the best has arrived.

No longer do you have to worry about streaks, patches, or being too orange. All tanning mishaps are a thing of the past with the St Tropez Tanning Shower In Golden Glow Medium. That’s right – tanning shower gel! Say what?!

I was put on to this by the lovely girl at my waxing bar who had recommend the mythical shower gel to me and was immediately intrigued. I know there are a lot of tanning gimmicks every year that promises the perfect tan so there was a little bit of me that doubting it would work. But I thought I’d give it a go – and I was instantly hooked!

New to the market last year in the Light tone, this year St. Tropez have it launched in Medium tone and it is better than ever! For those of you who aren’t familiar yet with this bad boy, listen up and get yourself down to Boots or Superdrug asap!


How it works:
First shower as normal, and then apply St. Tropez Tan in Shower Gel to wet skin, it goes slightly creamy on the skin as oppose to bubbly so make sure you rub it in the skin. Once your done wash it off you hands (to avoid orangeness) and leave for 3 minutes. I usually brush my teeth in this time, as it has a 3 minute timer on it to keep track. Make sure you rinse it off throughly to avoid streaks and then pat yourself dry

And voila! Golden tan with no streaks, no patches, no fuss!
I used mine 3 times before I saw results and was very happy with the colour. The more you use it the darker the tan so once you have achieved the colour you want I would alternate and use it every other day to maintain the colour.

Caution: This product does contain Almond Milk, so for those of you with nut allergies, depending on how badly you are allergic you might want to do a small patch test before you try it out. (Poor allergic boyfriend found out the hard way)

I was so excited it was that I used up my first bottle very quickly so try not to lathe it on too thick as it will just waste it, you don’t need to apply loads. After you’ve used it it continues to develop over the next few hours so don’t panic if you step out the shower and you aren’t instantly brown.

Update: The 3 minute rule is not necessary, I have since started leaving on from 20 – 30 minutes while I do my nail etc. and it makes a darker tan faster. The problem with leaving it on longer however is that you run the risk of streaks. 

lots of love


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