How to Keep Red Hair from Fading

The ultimate question for every pillar box red, red head – how to you keep the colour from fading?

When I first went red a few years ago this was my number one worry as I didn’t want to dye all my hair red and then have faded orange for half the month until it was time to dye again. I read so many blogs and articles about the different shampoos and conditioners that you can use to help prevent fade, wash your hair in cold water being a common tip, but wasn’t really happy with the final result.

Then I read in an article that when my fave starlet Arianna Grande was on her Nickelodeon show ‘VicTORious’ she had to dye her hair ever week to keep it the vibrant and gorgeous red for the show.

So if it’s good enough for my girl Ariana it’s good enough for me. And then I was put on to the magic of Directions hair dye. I first found Bleach but after a few review heard Directions was better, and it definitely works great for me!


Red Hair Dye1

Directions do a great range of is a gentle semi-permanent hair dyes in a rainbow of colours including a whole host of reds! As semi-permanent colours are gentler on your hair so you can use it more often then permanent dyes without causes as much damage to the hair.

Mix Directions Vermillion with your favourite conditioner. (You don’t need 100% hair dye, 50/50 should be enough). Bonus: If your hair is thick and extra dry a splash of baby oil while also help.

The ends of your hair will always end up lighter, as ends tend to be more damaged and damaged hair doesn’t hold colour as well so make sure you lather the ends of your hair with the dye/conditioner. How long you leave it on for is up to you depending on how much fade there is. Sometimes I leave it for a couple of episodes of ‘Orange Is the New Black’ on Netflix, but I’ve also just left it on while I’ve been in the shower and rinsed it out after 5 – 10 minutes.

The colour is great – so bright and so vibrant! Dying your hair with permanent reds like Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Permanent Colour is good for your initially colour and is great for re-colouring your roots but, I’ve found Directions much better for re-dying over faded hair.

Czech Garden 1Keep22

lots of love


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  1. The red looks gorgeous on you! I’m personally to afraid to do it wrong and have all my hair fall out XD.

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