Pique Tea Crystals

So confession time! And here is where I lose all my followers. I don’t like coffee. I’m one of those shameful people who doesn’t drink coffee, (I know I’m a heathen who should burn in hell), I’ve just never like the taste or the smell and when caffeine is needed, I much prefer the toxic chemicals of energy drinks. #CaffPow.

But I’m not a complete freak of nature, I do love a nice cup of tea, a warm hug in a mug! So I was delighted when my friends at Pique Tea* got in touch to try come of their new tea crystals in some amazing flavours.

What better way to use my collection of vintage tea cups then trying out some of Pique Tea’s gorgeous tea crystals. Their variety sample pack includes Jasmine, Sencha Green Tea and Earl Grey which all had such a great aroma and taste.



After a quick ooh and ahh of the gorgeous smell I tried my first cup of Pique and its was so rich and full of flavour. US based Pique pride themselves on being the new tea people on the block and thinking outside of the box. They are ‘committed to new ideas, whether that be about tea or finding ways to bring happiness and balance people’s lives.’ Their mission is to ‘unlock the power of tea for everyone, everywhere without compromise’ and inspire a new generation of tea drinkers – ooh.

Pique Tea is rich with antioxidants and their unique method of processing the tea from sourcing to brewing to crystalization helps drinks unlock 80% more nutrients then with ordinary black tea. So for any fitness bods out there looking to get the most out of your natural teas, this is is the place for you. You can find out more about Pique’s health benefits here.

I love Pique’s style and branding approach to their products, it is so chic and stylish that I  can definitely see it changing with way tea is drank in the same way Starbucks made coffee super trendy.



If you want to try their variety pack before you buy then I would say to have a look here and there are so many great rich flavours to choose from. Best of all, they have a great offer on at the minute with 20% off and free shipping. Definitely worth giving it ago! Especially with Christmas round the corner (sorry guys – only 2 pay days left) then it would make a great little stocking filler with a vintage tea cup!

lots of love


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