The Girl on The Train by Paula Hawkins

Hailed as the ‘Gone Girl’ of 2015, Paula Hawkins’ ‘The Girl of the Train’ was the best selling thriller of last year that took the world by storm. 12 months on it has since been made into the must see film of 2016 with Emily Blunt in the lead role. I was lucky enough to meet the author Paula Hawkins at the Cheltenham Literature Festival in 2015, and it was really great to find out more about her and how the book came about.

So for those of you who haven’t picked up a copy of the yet, I highly recommend you do, I’m looking forward to see how it translates on screen but I think it’s always nice to read the source material first. This was my beach read on my summer holiday this year to Sitges in Spain and it was great to read something a bit different by the sea.

The story centres around divorced alcoholic Rachel, whose commute to work on the train takes her past her old house where her ex-husband Tom lives with his new wife (his former mistress) Anna. Rachel struggles to accept her marriage is over and daydreams about the ‘perfect couple’, who live a few doors down from Tom and Anna, that she can see from the train every morning.



After a serious night of drinking, Rachel wakes up injured and with no memory of what happened the night before. She frequently gets black out drunk and harasses Tom begging for him to reconsider their marriage or threatens Anna. On this morning Rachel wakes up to discover the ‘perfect wife’, Megan Hipwell, she watches has gone missing, and Rachel has no memories of what she did the night before?

Desperate to remember if she had any part in the woman’s disappearance and wanting to help she tries to assist Megan’s husband Scott in finding her.

What appealed to be most about this novel was the different portrayals of the three women, Rachel, Megan and Anna. They each have their own views and feeling towards motherhood and the roles of women. The housewife vs the career girl, the sexy mistress vs the loyal wife and the novel explores these roles and how the characters feel about them.

As it goes on you learn more about each of the woman and how they are all connected together. If you haven’t read it yet I’d say grab yourself a copy or alternatively you can watch it when it comes out in cinemas in October 7 2016.

lots of love








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  1. Hi Adele, thanks hun so much! Yeah it’s definitely work giving it a go. I’m interested to see how it converts to film.

    Thanks xx


  2. adele miner says:

    I am dying to read this, I think I will try read it before I watch the film for definite! Keep up your wonderful work pretty gal! x

    Liked by 1 person

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