Top 5: Christmas Movies

Well it’s that time again, grab your duvets, fluffy slipper socks and hot chocolate because it’s the Christmas movie countdown. After crawling through the shops in the wet and the rain carrying heavy shopping bags, there is nothing better than curling up on the sofa for a festive film. Thankfully Netflix finally has a good range of Christmas films this year, as well as some terrible ones (The Christmas Bunny). Here is the list of my favourites all that can be found on Netflix or Sky Cinema this year. And as Christmas is a time for children, and a time for adults to try and remember the Christmas of their childhood (and while drinking gin), so I’ve chosen my favourite Christmas films based on bring out your inner Christmas child. #IBelieve.

5. Jingle All the Way (1996)

First up is the Arnie Christmas classic, where workaholic dad Howard promises his son the number Christmas toy Turbo-Man and fails to get it. Now he’s on a mad Christmas Eve dash with rival Myron to find and get the last Turbo-Man in town. If there was ever a Christmas film that could pull off a reboot well it’s this one. 20 years later and the mad rush to get the number one toy/gadget that is sold out everywhere is definitely something  that’s still true today. This film is awesome but I can’t help wondering what a gender bend Bad Moms 2: Christmas style would be like?

4. The Muppet’s Christmas Carol – (1992)

A Christmas Carol is a universal festive classic and there have been many versions of A Christmas Carol, and many many Scrooge’s to choose from you can properly do a whole list of just the Best Scrooge’s. But, Michael Cain is pure gold and you can never have too much of Kermit. There is no fine version of the Dickens’ classic then with the Muppets – the songs are great, Kermy is great, and perfect for anyone who has been overworking over Christmas. Beautiful heart felt and utterly timeless, I will definitely be making sure I watch this every year with my kids. Now let’s all shed a tear for tiny Tim and give some money to charity… sob.

3. The Santa Clause – (1994)

If it was Richard Attenbourgh’s Santa that fell off Scott Calvin’s roof, then I would be very accepting of Tim Allen to fill shoes. The Santa Clause is another perfect Christmas classic as a regular dad has to step up in the role of Santa under a clever word play loop hole of the Santa Clause – And who doesn’t love grammatically word play in children’s films? What I love most about this film is that it adds to the canon of Santa, what happens when Santa dies? He is replaced as there must always be a Santa Clause, seems straight forward enough. Santa is the centrally part of Christmas as children that films that can add to and expand on the legend of Santa is always amazing. The North Pole set pieces are exactly as I imagined it as a child – like a Christmassy verison of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.

2. Home Alone – (1990)

Come on it had to be Home Alone. The Christmas film that defined a generation. When asked what the best film is some age groups will say ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ or ‘White Christmas’ but for kids that where born in the 90s the answer is Home Alone. The 90s were pretty much based about children having adventures in gigantic houses that no one now could afford, Matilda (1996), Jumanji (1995), Ritchie Rich (1994) but the ultimate in big house shenanigans is Home Alone. It’s every child’s dream is to have your whole house to yourself to have as much mayhem as you can think of and then add Christmas on top. One of all time Christmas film’s on any list and one that should never warrant a remake. The airport security the way they are now, there is no way they could leave for the airport that late and catch their flight.
As a kid watching Home Alone and all you can think about is what traps you would set up, and what bit you would do differently to get maximum damages. As an adult I just can’t get over how huge that house is for a family of with only 3 kids, that would absolutely have been sold off into individual apartments by now. The perfect Christmas film and pretty much on par with it’s New York based sequel – they don’t make them like this anymore. (We can all skip pass the Trump cameo now.)

1. Miracle on 34th Street – (1994)

This is a very personal choice, blending my too great loves Christmas and giant department stores! I can’t walk into House of Fraser or Debenhams this time of year without thinking on Miracle on 34th Street. Panned for being inferior to the 1947 version which did have the support of Macy’s, the 1994 re-make is amazing and I think definitely stands up with cynical modern audiences. While it starts out as the commercialisation of the holiday by the end the main theme if faith. Can you have faith in Santa Clause? While some might say it’s Christmas film meets Law and Order, I enjoy that we never find out if Kris Kringle really is Santa Claus or whether he is just a senile old man because the truth doesn’t matter, it’s if you believe. Maya Wilson aka Matilda it perfect for me as the lead role and every shopping centre Santa needs to take notes as the late (weep) great Richard Attenbourgh was the ultimate Father Christmas.
Merry Christmas

lots of love


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