Gift List for Him

Christmas is fast approaching and while the boys might always complain that shopping for women is hard we all know the truth – shopping for the men is harder! With Netflix, Amazon Prime and Steam buying games and dvds for the men in our lives is a thing of the past. And while some might still like the hard copy of things at Christmas, let’s face it they’re all going to buy it for themselves come Boxing Day Steam sale.

xmas men

So for our boyfriends, brothers, cousins, and friends what stocking filler presents can we get them that isn’t t-shirts, socks, pants or booze? Well fear not ladies I got you covered for some great gift ideas that you may or may not have thought of to help you out this Christmas.

Now these might not suit all guys, but as my boyf is a of a nerdy variety so I know he’d love this silly Jon Snow figure from Pop Vinyl. They’ve been absolutely huge the last fews years so regardless of age (or gender tbh) they make great stocking fillers. And don’t worry if he’s not into Game of Thrones, Pop! Vinyl have hundred of types from Marvel, Star Wars and Breaking Bad so I sure the will be something he’d like. (They also have Disney Collection! If you wanted to start your own collection)

The Aftershave. Classic B-day, V-Day and X-mas gift. Predictable but sure fire win. Paco Rabanne 1 Million (and Lady Million) has been the biggest selling aftershave over the #1 few years so why not try this years latest edition to the collection ‘1 Million Privé’ It’s such an amazing fragrance that you haven’t tried it already you have to. This was my boyfriend’s main Christmas present so I won’t be getting it for him again but it’s too nice not to share with you. Staying on the same lines as men beauty care, another great little gift is Brisk Cedarwood Beard oil. With the hipster beards and sexy man stubble being all the rage, this is a great product that guys might not buy for themselves, but will definitely appreciate if they received it. (And maybe shown how to use it via Youtube). It’s great for the skin and makes the beard softer and more manageable.

Other little gifts that I think are nice added extras… Nandos sauces! Who doesn’t love Nandos! You can get these sauces gift sets from Debenhams, they comes in different flavours as well.

Hopefully there’s something there that you hadn’t thought of getting this Christmas or at least it’s given you some gift inspiration. Let me know in the comments if you’ve found anymore great male gifts you want to share. Merry Christmas!

lots of love


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