Hello 2017… Goodbye 2016

I think the feeling is mutually all over the world that the less said about 2016 the better! So leaving Brexit, Trump, the death of all childhood heroes and Toblerone behind us, this is my obligatory new year reflection post with what I have learnt from this God awful year.

It is a challenging for everyone to reflect on 2016 without getting into politics, hatred, fear and a general feeling of negativity. I feel like how Britney felt in 2007. (#BadHairYear) But we have to be positive about the things that we have achieved personally and how these personally pockets of happiness can be shared and learnt from in the new year.

My Best Bits of 2016

1. I moved to Leeds! 


This was a great highlight as it worked to achieving a personal goal of mine. I knew I wanted to move out of my old town, being comfortable and complacent had made be stay longer then I had wanted. I knew there would be better jobs and more promotions, development and money if I moved but I was comfortable. I had friends, a routine, (a reliable hairdresser) and I was settled. The thought of up rooting everything and moving was scary. There was no guarantee of work or that it wouldn’t just be a very expensive waste of money. While it’s still early days, as my boyfriend and I only moved in a month ago, I can already say it’s been a really good decision. So if ‘too scary’, is a reason you are not currently doing something right now, embrace the scary and go for it!

2. I dyed my hair grey!


This while only a vanity goal, this was something I had wanted to do a few years ago, long before I had dyed my hair red, but people had talked me out of it. I had listened to silly people who had convinced me that only a certain type of trendy girl could pull off the look and I wasn’t one of those girls. There have been many trends I’ve admired in other girls that people have convinced me are not right for ‘me’. (“That’s not your thing.”) This year I decided I didn’t care if people thought it was my thing or not, I was going to make it my thing. And I love it! I’ve not had anyone say they preferred my hair before , and while the bleaching has damaged it (oops) it’s well on it’s way to healing and I have no regrets. I only regret not ignoring people sooner.

3. I got back in touch with an old friend. 


Friendships are hard. But the best thing about getting older is that as you move out of your teens, your real friends show themselves and it because easier. I lost touch with a very close friend when we had both got caught up in a lot of ugly teenage drama. After the drama was over we were both very hurt and walked away, but as time has gone by I realised I have missed my friend. Whether we would go back to being BFFs I don’t know but I wanted to know her as the adult she is now, not the young teen I knew before. Forgiveness is hard. And letting go of hurtful things that have been said is difficult to do, but reaching out to my friend and trying to form a new friendship with her has been a very good thing that has happened this year. I don’t know if we will be as close as we once were but that isn’t important, what is important is moving forward and taking the positive things with you.

So they are my reflections and life lessons from 2016 (The Year That Shall Not Be Named), and all of them really bottle down to (cringe) YOLO. You do only live once so embrace the scary changes/risks, stop listening to what other people say about you, and forgive and forget if it will have a positive impact on your future.

lots of love


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