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Kymmi Rose is the fashion and beauty blogger behind Ombré & Ophelia. Through her career in academia she has conducted research in digital marketing, consumer culture and brand effectiveness.

Professionally she has worked with a variety of beauty and fashion brands, as well a flourishing in the retail and PR industries. Ombré & Ophelia is the product of a wealth of industry experience and a love of writing and style.

In her free time Kymmi is passionate about theatre and the arts, writing, travelling cupcake baking and everything Disney.

To enquire, find out more, or request further detail contact me at ombreandophelia@gmail.com

About Ombre & Ophelia

A British lifestyle blog Ombré & Ophelia sets to inspire with the best of British fashion and styles from the high street. Ombré & Ophelia gets it’s name from the my two greatest passions style and literature – ‘Ombre’ for style and ‘Ophelia’ the Shakespearean heroine. As well as fashion and beauty brands this blog also gives readers the best hints and tips on books, travel destinations and lifestyle loves.

Contact Me

Email: ombreandophelia@gmail.com
Twitter: @ombreandophelia
Instagram: @ombreandophelia
Facebook: /ombreandophelia

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