5 Top Tips to Travel Light

While the big summer holiday might still be months away, the wintery months are a great time of year for long weekend city breaks. Whether you’re hopping on a plane or a train, getting away for a few days in one of Europe’s most lively cities is a great way to escape. But the problem with every city break is no matter how much you try, packing light is always the hardest part! So here are my top tips on how to pack light and get the most out of you luggage space!

1. Buy the Right Travel Case 

Buying the right bag/case to begin with is the most important thing. Most airlines have pretty much the same or similar restrictions when it comes to cabin baggage sizes. Standard is around 55cm x 35cm x 25cm, so when you are buying your case make sure it’s around this size otherwise you won’t be allowed it. Also the budget airlines, RyanAir, Jet2 and FlyBe all have a carry on weight limit of 10kg so make sure you weigh before you go and choose carefully. EasyJet has no weight limit – so if you’re flying with them go nuts as long as the case closes #FTW. (But remember a lot of the budget airlines want you to be able to put your handbag inside your carry on, so don’t bring a big handbag as well.)

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Winter Floral Wardrobe

It might be a new year but we are still a long way off before spring hits us! But if you are dying to get back into florals now that Christmas is over, I’ve rounded up for you this week, the best winter floral pieces that will see you through the gloomy months til spring.

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Hello 2017… Goodbye 2016

I think the feeling is mutually all over the world that the less said about 2016 the better! So leaving Brexit, Trump, the death of all childhood heroes and Toblerone behind us, this is my obligatory new year reflection post with what I have learnt from this God awful year.

It is a challenging for everyone to reflect on 2016 without getting into politics, hatred, fear and a general feeling of negativity. I feel like how Britney felt in 2007. (#BadHairYear) But we have to be positive about the things that we have achieved personally and how these personally pockets of happiness can be shared and learnt from in the new year.

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NYE Party: All That Glitters is Gold

To celebrate the New Year I’ve given you a break down guide to all the best metallic pieces from the high street that will having you shining all night long. With the festive party season is in full swing and New Year Eve fast approaching, everyone wants to stand and sparkle like the tinsel and fairy lights! So I’ve rounded up my favourite sparkling pieces that will help you stand out this season.

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How to Rock Embroidered Elegance

The new kid on the block in terms of winter classic trends. Embroidered pieces popped up on the catwalk with great collections like Alexander McQueen’s AW16/17 and have since exploded all over high street and celebrate circuit. Whether its dainty flowers and vines or gold and silver detailing embroidered pieces scream vintage chic and make any outfit look stylish and classic.
With so much great runway inspiration this year I couldn’t passed up the chance to show my favourite items from the High Street, and help you plan some killer outfits in them.

Gift List for Him

Christmas is fast approaching and while the boys might always complain that shopping for women is hard we all know the truth – shopping for the men is harder! With Netflix, Amazon Prime and Steam buying games and dvds for the men in our lives is a thing of the past. And while some might still like the hard copy of things at Christmas, let’s face it they’re all going to buy it for themselves come Boxing Day Steam sale.

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