Hello 2017… Goodbye 2016

I think the feeling is mutually all over the world that the less said about 2016 the better! So leaving Brexit, Trump, the death of all childhood heroes and Toblerone behind us, this is my obligatory new year reflection post with what I have learnt from this God awful year.

It is a challenging for everyone to reflect on 2016 without getting into politics, hatred, fear and a general feeling of negativity. I feel like how Britney felt in 2007. (#BadHairYear) But we have to be positive about the things that we have achieved personally and how these personally pockets of happiness can be shared and learnt from in the new year.

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How to Style Animal Print

Brighten up any black outfit with the classic winter trend animal prints! But animal print doesn’t have to just mean leopard print. Think beyond the spots! Zebra stripes, snake skins, coloured spots are all great alternative that when done right can look classy, stylish and very fierce. For those of you finding your feet in the urban jungle here are some great pieces that can be mixed into any wardrobe without looking over the top. (Ru Paul’s drag race this is not.)

For style and subtlety , you cannot go wrong with snake skin it is a huge trend seen in all the high street shops this season. Check out this amazing snake skin bag from and top from. A statement snake skin piece can break up an black and outfit and is perfected to be mixed with other on-trend styles like velvet, leather and lace.

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Autumnal Style with NYX Liquid Suede

Autumn is officially here, so get out your fluffy jumpers, fur boots, and snuggly socks! This week I’m trying out three gorgeous autumnal shades from NYX’s Liquid Suede collection, Kitten Heel, Cherry Skies and Sandstorm.

Liquid Suede is a cream lipstick and that is more a lip stain than a lipgloss, so it has maximum staying power, with slight touch ups through the day. I don’t know about you, but gone are the days of re-applying lip colour several times throughout the day, ain’t nobody got time for that! (or at least I don’t) . Which is why I’m so in love with Liquid Suede is stays on where others have washed off after one sip of water (ok wine).

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The Girl on The Train by Paula Hawkins

Hailed as the ‘Gone Girl’ of 2015, Paula Hawkins’ ‘The Girl of the Train’ was the best selling thriller of last year that took the world by storm. 12 months on it has since been made into the must see film of 2016 with Emily Blunt in the lead role. I was lucky enough to meet the author Paula Hawkins at the Cheltenham Literature Festival in 2015, and it was really great to find out more about her and how the book came about.

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Pique Tea Crystals

So confession time! And here is where I lose all my followers. I don’t like coffee. I’m one of those shameful people who doesn’t drink coffee, (I know I’m a heathen who should burn in hell), I’ve just never like the taste or the smell and when caffeine is needed, I much prefer the toxic chemicals of energy drinks. #CaffPow.

But I’m not a complete freak of nature, I do love a nice cup of tea, a warm hug in a mug! So I was delighted when my friends at Pique Tea* got in touch to try come of their new tea crystals in some amazing flavours.

What better way to use my collection of vintage tea cups then trying out some of Pique Tea’s gorgeous tea crystals. Their variety sample pack includes Jasmine, Sencha Green Tea and Earl Grey which all had such a great aroma and taste.

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The Poison Tree by Erin Kelly

One of my all-time favourite books! You may have heard of it, as into a hideous ITV drama a few years ago which was a total mess. I do recommend giving it a read as it is truly gripping and thought-provoking.

Like the bestseller Gone Girl, The Poison Tree has two narratives, this one flicks between the past (Karen aged 21) in the summer of 1997; and the present (Karen aged 31) when her partner Rex comes out of jail for murder.

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