Bare Minerals: Get Started Complexion Kit

Beauty Review: Bare Minerals ‘Get Started Complexion Kit’. Testing and trying Bare Minerals for a good every day make-up, with foundation and contouring.

There are few things in life better than treating yourself to a pamper day or shopping spree. Topping up on new make up or skincare is a great way to feel refreshed and gorgeous!Β So treated myself to the complete Bare Minerals Get Started Complexion Kit. I first got hooked on Bare Minerals a few years ago when I got one of their first starer kits for Christmas, once it ran out I always meant to re-buy it but never got round to it.

Bare Minerals best seller is their award winning foundation, which blends perfectly with your skin while feeling light and airy to wear. A little really goes a long way with this product. (The trick is to allow the product to warm up on your skin by applying it in circles with a brush.)

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Beauty Review: St Ives Scrub

“It’s like brushing your teeth for your face”
That was the hilarious description my guy friend gave me, when he tried some of my St. Ives Apricot Scrub. He had been making fun of all my lotions and potions in the bathroom and I told him that he couldn’t knock it til he tried it, so he did. His reaction was the same as mine the first time although his choice of words was more amusing.

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Beauty Review: Brow Perfection

So thanks to the likes of the lovely Cara Delevinge, big brows are back in style and have been rocking the fashion scene for the last few years. I’ve had some major brow envy recently so was really grateful when my friends at Born Pretty had some great products for taming and sculpting brows.

My brow history has been big bushy and mono looking in the past so I’ve been threading and waxing them thinner for years. So like many of us bushy-brow girls I was nervous about the line between Cara and (Freda) Carlo.

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