St. Tropez Tanning Shower Gel

Attention all tanners. Put down the mits and step away from the sprays the GHDs of fake tanning is here. For years we have all used the sprays, wipes, creams, instant, gradual fakes tans to achieve the perfect golden glow, (even if we are stuck in cloudy Blighty for the summer) and now the best of the best has arrived.

No longer do you have to worry about streaks, patches, or being too orange. All tanning mishaps are a thing of the past with the St Tropez Tanning Shower In Golden Glow Medium. That’s right – tanning shower gel! Say what?!

I was put on to this by the lovely girl at my waxing bar who had recommend the mythical shower gel to me and was immediately intrigued. I know there are a lot of tanning gimmicks every year that promises the perfect tan so there was a little bit of me that doubting it would work. But I thought I’d give it a go – and I was instantly hooked!

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