How to Create a Travel Capsule Wardrobe

Since my last travel post ‘5 Top Tips to Travel Light‘ I’ve had requests for more travel based post so here is my long weekend His and Hers travel capsule wardrobes. Last time I mentioned the key to packing light was finding the right bag and these leather beauties from Mahi are it! I fell completely in love with Mahi gorgeous real leather over night bags, each one is made to order and it had the options to be monogrammed.

As well as the right bag you need the right capsule wardrobe. Having a travel capsule wardrobe where everything goes with everything else will only make packing easier but it will also make getting ready once you get there simpler. Here are my key His and Hers pieces to build your travel capsule wardrobe.

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Pique Tea Crystals

So confession time! And here is where I lose all my followers. I don’t like coffee. I’m one of those shameful people who doesn’t drink coffee, (I know I’m a heathen who should burn in hell), I’ve just never like the taste or the smell and when caffeine is needed, I much prefer the toxic chemicals of energy drinks. #CaffPow.

But I’m not a complete freak of nature, I do love a nice cup of tea, a warm hug in a mug! So I was delighted when my friends at Pique Tea* got in touch to try come of their new tea crystals in some amazing flavours.

What better way to use my collection of vintage tea cups then trying out some of Pique Tea’s gorgeous tea crystals. Their variety sample pack includes Jasmine, Sencha Green Tea and Earl Grey which all had such a great aroma and taste.

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Coconut Lane – #coconutqueen

Okay ladies, now let’s get in formation! Even though mid-week blues are the absolute worst (Friday is so long away) I’ve got some super fun news to brighten up your day. My gorgeous friends at Coconut Lane* have asked me to be their newest Coconut Queen, which means all of my readers get a fabby 20% off everything at Coconut -Lane with code: Ombre20. You’re welcome girlies!

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Proudlock Harry

Luxury Girls Weekend Edinburgh

 While January might bring cold weather and post-Christmas blues, I have remained determine to keep my New Year’s resolution to make more time for friends. So after such a busy time in December it was great to have a quick trip up to Edinburgh for a girly weekend of Prosecco, glitter and gossip.
Edinburgh is one of my favourite cities in the UK in the winter there is so much going on and it’s so beautiful – perfect to cheer up in the winter. As well as the glorious castle overlooking the city on the hill, they have an enormous market full of handmade jewellery, toys and food.

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Woman in Black

Dinner and theatre, don’t mind if I do. Halloween may have been and gone, but I’m still in the mood for a fright. Now Friday the 13th, Scream, Nightmare on Elm street may be the classic horror movies for fear fans but I’ve gone for something a little different. So last week we got tickets to see the 25th Anniversary tour of The Woman in Black!

Not for the faint hearten, I heard it was terrifying before I went so we bought tickets to see it at the Everyman Theatre, we got them in the circle safely away from the front.


First up was dinner at Jamie’s Italian. (Warning: Not suitable for those on diets.) As they are next door to our local theatre they gave out a free gloss of Prosecco for theatre goers – nice way to start the evening.

Starters we had mushroom bruschetta, crispy squid and Italian nachos, so good, will definitely be coming back fore more.. But dinner was the main event – lobster! Oh may! I’d never ordered lobster before and it was definitely worth the wait. Well done Mr. Oliver, so completely delicious and I would recommend it to anyone.

If that wasn’t enough we finished off with cheesecake which really was as delicious as the photo looks.

And on to the show… Woman in Black, (which featured Daniel Radcliffe in the 2012 film) follows an elderly Arthur Kipps as he tries to recount his story to an actor about an ghostly experience in his youth.

It’s a brilliant two-man show that uses the frame work of a play within a play. The young actor acts out the experience of the young Arthur Kipps, while the now elderly Kipps portrays all the characters.

The young Arthur travels north, on business, small village where he must sort out the effects on a decent client. The villagers he meets are terrified of the late owner’s house, a derelict manor on a small island cut off by a course way, and Arthur must venture their alone.

He soon experiences the ghostly presence of the Woman in Black and is intrigue to find out her story…

Having seen the film first, I was nervous about whether it would be a carbon copy of the original play, but play was a masterpiece of its own. With only two actors and a simplistic set, the action is all on the action, and where the next scare is coming from. Truly creepy and a wonderfully well written, beautifully acted show. It’s touring at the moment so I’d definitely recommend going to see it if you can.

lots of love